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Conversation with Alejandro Calzada - Biologist, Ecological Conservation and Ajolote Expert

A new poster depicting the species of Axolotl and Achoque in Mexico, advised by Alejandro Calzada, 2021. I was incredibly fortunate to be able to speak with UNAM scientist and ecologist  Alejandro Calzada , via Zoom, on 12 May 2021. We spoke about the Mexican Axolotl, but he also opened my eyes to the fact that  Ambystoma mexicanum  are not the only Ajolote (or Achoque) salamander species in Mexico today. Alejandro works for an NGO, based in Central Mexico, and is a specialist in the field of Mexican amphibians: notably salamanders and Ajolotes. He has collaborated with ZSL (London Zoo), who funded his research project exploring more about the Granular Salamander  Ambystoma granulosum,  near Toluca city. This was from 2015-18, and Alejandro has kept a professional and personal interest in the knowledge and exploration of various Axolotl species across Mexico. The thing is, he tells me, is that there really isn't that much information about their "basic biology",  availa

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